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MarGen – The Award-Winning Growth Partner

The Challenge

When Margen approached us, they were looking for a digital transformation that would not only enhance their online presence but also resonate with their brand's core values and target audience.

The challenge was to create a cohesive brand identity and a user-friendly website that would effectively showcase their offerings.



Projects Completed

Our Solution

1. Web Design:
We crafted a custom website layout for Margen.net, focusing on user experience and intuitive navigation. The design incorporated modern aesthetics while ensuring responsiveness across devices. Interactive elements were added to engage visitors and guide them smoothly through the site.

2. Branding:
Understanding the essence of Margen, we developed a branding strategy that reflected their vision and ethos. This included a refreshed logo, a cohesive colour palette, and typography that exuded professionalism and innovation. Every branding element was designed to evoke trust and establish Margen as a leader in the digital technology sector.

The Result:

The revamped Margen.net website, combined with the new branding elements, significantly increased user engagement and lead generation.

The client reported a 276% boost in organic traffic (mixed with content) and a 143% increase in conversion rates within the first three months post-launch.

Client Testimonial:

“Design Nurds truly transformed our digital identity. The new website and branding perfectly capture who we are as a company. We’ve received numerous compliments from our clients and partners. Highly recommended!”
– Leeroy, CEO of Margen

About Us
We are a Creative Agency & Startup Studio that provides Digital Products and Services turns to focus on client success. We specialize in user interface design, including front-end development which we consider to be an integral part.

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