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The Challenge

OnChains, a rising name in the blockchain digital agency and news publication sector, approached us with a vision: to solidify their online presence and establish themselves as a trusted authority in the blockchain space. They sought a website that would not only be a hub for credible blockchain news but also showcase their agency services effectively.




Our Approach

1. Web Design:
We conceptualized a clean, modern, and responsive design that would cater to both the news readers and potential agency clients. Interactive elements, such as live crypto price tickers and dynamic news feeds, were integrated to enhance user engagement.

2. Branding:
To resonate with the blockchain audience, we chose a futuristic and cohesive color palette, typography, and logo design. This branding echoed the innovative spirit of OnChains and the blockchain industry.

3. Content Strategy:
Understanding the importance of credible news in the blockchain world, we devised a content strategy that prioritized accuracy, relevance, and timeliness. This included regular news updates, in-depth articles, and thought leadership pieces to position OnChains as a trusted voice in the industry.

Projects Completed

The Results

Within six months of the website’s launch:

  • A 45% increase in monthly website traffic.
  • A 30% boost in newsletter sign-ups, indicating higher user engagement.
  • OnChains’ articles were cited by major blockchain publications, enhancing their industry credibility.
  • A 25% growth in agency service inquiries, showcasing effective service promotion.
Onchians design
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